àla Palla

Identity, Branding & Web Design

Identity + Branding + Strategy + Web Design for the new brand àla Palla. Dr. Alena Pallová is a well-known figure when it comes to aesthetic medicine and dermatology. We’ve created a simple, visually attractive and modern identity, that is noticeably different from competition brands.



It’s the embodiment of subtlety and naturalism. It reflects the clear vision of the brand – to create high value products thought-out to the last detail. The name itself is a word play, a combination of the funder’s name and the French “à la”, meaning “according to”. The accent resembles the form of a leaf – yet another reference to the natural origin. The old pink skin tone represents the tenderness and warmth of the human skin, the dark grey on the other hand signals the down-to-earth approach and naturalism. The golden accent deboss adds the final touch of exclusivity. The web and mobile e-shop design honours clean and minimalist solutions with emphasis on quality pictures and clarity, so that the customer not only finishes the purchase without distractions but also enjoy the experience. The resulting identity is minimalist, modern and elegant and reflects the vision of the brand. And that’s the way we like it.