àla Palla


Part of the brief was to design the packaging for the various products of the new àla Palla cosmetics. Keeping in mind the exclusivity of the product and the emphasis on high-quality ingredients, the packaging was developed. The products are being made in Slovakia. Photography: Nora a Jakub



The name of the brand itself is a word play, a combination of the funder’s name and the French “à la”, meaning “according to”. The accent resembles the form of a leaf – yet another reference to the natural origin. The dark grey hand signals the down-to-earth approach and naturalism, the bronze accent adds contrast and represents the human skin as well as adds the final touch of exclusivity. A special gift pack is made out of synthetic hide, exclusive and natural to the touch and catching the eye immediately. The bottom of the box is removable so that it can later be used for instance to store jewellery, thus binding the brand with everyday life our the customer even more.