Karpatská Perla


The Karpatská Perla is a family winery from Šenkvice, founded by Margita and Ladislav Šebo in 1991. They knew from the beginning that true pearls were born in the vineyard. Today, they manage over 50 hectares of vineyards in the Malokarpatská area. Their wines reflect the local terroir and the unique character of grown varieties. Photography: Nora a Jakub & Studio Goat



The Karpatská Perla brand was struggling. Not with quality but with their identity. After decades of making fine wine, they found themselves having too many brands, using too many names and being stuck with too many visual approaches. To combat this, we needed not only to simplify the brand, we had to come up with a new system. The combination of local terroir combined with traditional motives and a minimalist visual approach turned out to be the winning approach. We’ve designed the wine labels with natural colours that go well with the delicate handling of the wine and respect for nature.Careful approach to nature is reflected in the use of 100% cotton paper. Top-of-the-line printing techniques have been chosen for the surface treatment of the label, hot foil stamping is combined with embossing.