The young software company Objectify approached us seeking a new logotype and corporate identity. They had something bold, contemporary and fresh in mind. It was important to incorporate the core business into the identity. Objectify specializes in developing sophisticated tailor-made IT solution for companies like Orange. They excel in turning abstract inputs into visible outputs in reals time. Photography: Studio Goat



We’ve created a modular communication concept where we integrated the glyphs used in source code – something people in Objectify come in contact every day – into a custom-made typography. We’ve even named it OBJ. This new font has become the base for a new logotype, merchandising, branding, navigation system and other applications. In the various applications, we work with contrast and the dominant visual building blocks are parts of code spiced up with clever puns. The glyphs become standalone and memorable graphic elements. In the end, the concept is playful, flexible and can easily be adapted to new content. But most importantly – it stems directly from the company’s DNA.